What Its like to be me

I wont deny that Im strange
infact I quite enjoy being so Unknown
every day is an adventure when you dont even understand or know the depths of your own consciousness.
With that being said,
Enjoy Reading things as I see them.
and have a nice day!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


im having trouble staying still en0ugh to sleep
so i shall post some of my thoughts to hopefully ease my mind into slumber.

have you ever heard the expression "cant fix stupid"
what if your not suppose to, stupid is ignorance's purest form isnt it
and they say ignorance is bliss, if this is the case
maybe its a gift granted to those who dont deserve
to deal with high amounts of intellect.

i believe there are two types of smart people
the smart people that have high intelligence but lack faith
and those that have both.
see faith may not always workout how youd like
but having it shows that you dont just go by what you can see
which is a very big requirement for gathering truthful knowledge
since objecting without understanding is ignorance.

in my tired stupor i wrote something that i feel makes sense, but is deeper then my current state can acknowledge as comprehensible. I ask anyone who reads it, tell me what you get from it.
"a mirror within perfection reflects light in fractures revealing greater detail to behold"

 i do believe that we are created equally balanced with good and bad intent, and that some just choose the easier path of evil deeds, I myself feel that presence daily, and restrict those tendencys, does that make me a good person?

last but not least, i would like anyone who is brave enough to admit they do drugs to leave me a comment and tell me what they do, and maybe their opinion (whether its a good/bad thing, how it incorporates into their life, their experiences with it ect.) on it. Im just curious as too know how everyone sees things


  1. I see it as people see what they want to but without complete focus and attention to anything in particular, there is still a lot more to see than we think

  2. same man, couldn't sleep a wink last night.. pretty restless D:

  3. I love your replies! Sorry for not replying directly (it's a bit difficult to do all of them) but just know I do read them all!